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Winona Lake man accused of battering woman in front of kids A Winona Lake man was arrested after batter ing a woman in the presence of her children. Ruben Saucedo, 31, of 1202 Wooster Road, lot 17, Winona Lake, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 11:57 p.m. Sunday for domestic battery in the presence of a child under 16 and domestic battery with moderate bodily injury. His preliminary bond was set at $5,250. Court documents filed Thursday list the charges against Saucedo as domestic battery with moderate bodily injury, a level 6 felony; domestic battery with a child under 16 present, a level 6 felony; and domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor. On Sunday, Claypool Police Department officer Ben Sanders responded to a 911 hangup at 1202 Wooster Road, lot 17, in Winona Lake. He found a woman standing on the front steps with blood coming from her nose, and her cheeks were red and appeared swollen. The victim said she was preparing dinner for Saucedo when he became angry and began to yell at her and hit her three times in the face with an open hand. She said there were four small chil dren in the bedroom when the battery occurred and the children were scared and crying. Sanders spoke with one of the crying children, who said she was in her room with her siblings The Kosciusko County Royalty Contest is entering its 50th year and has 12 candidates participating in this year's competition. Today's 4 H royalty candidates submit a complete history of their 4 H, school and community leadership, service, and activities and involve ment. Blind applications are reviewed and scored by a panel of three judges. In June, the judges meet the candi dates for 10 minute professional interviews. The 2018 4 H king, prince, queen and princess will be crowned by the 1968 4 H king and queen (Gary Boggs and Cathy Bryant Shipley) on July 5, just prior to the opening of the fair. Although the contest has taken on a new "look," it continues to recog nize 4 H achievement, leadership and commitment to service. The con test and the royalty court continue to hold a place of high value and tradi tion in the Kosciusko County 4 H program, according to a news release. The 2017 4 H king was Hunter Magiera and the 2017 4 H queen was Lacey Helfers. The 2018 4 H Royalty Contest candidates are Morgan Bruner, Abbigail Curtis, Haley Hoover, Valerie Messmore, Austi Swanson, Madelyn Zimmerman, Reagan Rowland, Jonathon Tate Andrew, Evan Coblentz, Logan Hollar, Isaiah Stouder and Jackson Templin. Coronation of the 2018 Royalty Court will be July 5 during the annual 4 H Public Fashion Revue. The fair begins July 8 with several events including the parade at 2:45 p.m. Below are recaps of all the royalty participants: Morgan Bruner: Proceeds to 4 H Swine Barn Club: Leesburg Mighty Farmers Number of Years in 4 H: 10 Projects: Swine, Horse and Pony, Beef School and Grade in the Fall: 2018 graduate of Warsaw Community High School Parents & Guardians: Chad and Maggie Bruner Future Plans: Graduate from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology Abbigail Curtis: Proceeds to 4 H Dairy Barn Club: Leesburg Mighty Farmers Number of Years in 4 H: 9 Projects: Dairy, Swine, Forestry, Junior Leaders, Sport Fishing 4 H Office Held: President, Secretary, Health & Safety, Song Leader School and Grade this Fall: 2018 More than 30 adults and children came to Kiddieland Park in Warsaw for the most recent Wednesdays at the Park. This summer program, sponsored by Christ's Covenant Church, features stories from the Bible about Jesus' power to do miracles; the recent evening at Kiddieland told how Jesus turned water into wine. Children enjoyed several games during the evening, such as octopus tag and sharks and minnows, and also played with a giant parachute. Snacks included Oreos, Goldfish and a freeze pop to end the night. The next evening in the summer series will be from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at McKinley Park, between Main and Fort Wayne streets in Warsaw. They will be grilling hot dogs. There is no charge to attend. Programs also are planned for the following Wednesdays: July 11 - Ker Park July 25 - McKinley Park Aug. 8 - Winona Lake Limitless Park Each evening will include a Bible story, games and snacks. A "Wednesday at the Park" yard sign will designate each program site. Program volunteers will be wearing bright blue T shirts. Parents who bring their children are invited to stay and chat with other par ents. For more information, contact Jordan Weddle, director of children's min istries at Christ's Covenant, at 574 267 8973. Today: High 75 Low 63 Scattered thunderstorms. Sunday: High 78 Low 65 Mostly cloudy. TIMES UNION June 23 & 24, 2018 WARSAW, IN - $1.50 - FOUNDED 1854 - NO. 148 @TUonline Times-Union - Warsaw timesuniononline.com Potpourri Wolkins distances himself from Nisly. Page 3A Business Ford hails Detroit as 'city of possibility.' Page 2D Contact Us: PHONE: 574-267-3111 MAIL: P.O. Box 1448, Warsaw, IN 46581-1448 EMAIL: news@timesuniononline.com Sports Harman takes 1-shot lead at Travelers Championship. Page 1B TIMES UNION $1.00 8 2 32320 00002 Weekender IN OUR 164th YEAR OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE TO KOSCIUSKO COUNTY Photo provided Volunteers from Christ's Covenant Church hold up a giant parachute at Wednesdays at the Park on June 13 at Kiddieland in Warsaw. The program continues every other Wednesday through Aug. 8. Photo provided Children play a game of octopus tag at Kiddieland in Warsaw dur- ing the June 13 Wednesdays at the Park. The program is spon- sored by Christ's Covenant Church and continues every other Wednesday through Aug. 8. STAFF REPORT The President Donald Trump reversed his posi tion on zero tolerance immigration enforcement and separating families at the border. But I'm not hopeful all the hyperbole, bald faced demagoguery and outright lies being bandied about will end any time soon. For the record, I must say I disagreed with Attorney General Jeff Sessions' "zero tolerance" decree. The minute I heard it, I knew a major political conflagration was brewing. Anytime one side or the other believes there is political advantage to be gained, it's on. So the Trump adminis tration comes out with a policy of separating migrant children from their families if caught crossing the border with out permission. I understand the law is the law. But past adminis trations had been able to thread the needle of enforcing immigration laws while mostly keeping families intact. Not all the time. Not in every case. In every administra tion - including Obama's - there always have been families separated at the border. Just not as a matter of policy and not as many. But Trump's policy was explicit and intentional. There was no wiggle room to claim that the separa tions were unintended consequences. Adminstration officials were on record comment ing that perhaps the poli cy of taking kids away from their parents at the border would serve as a deterrent to would be ille gal immigrants. I also think Trump thought - quite wrongly - that this policy could be a bargaining chip in the larg er immigration battle. You know, "Build The Wall! Build The Wall!" What could go wrong? Well, virtually every thing. Aside from it being just a dumb, inhumane policy, it wasn't even cost effec tive. Previous administra tions were able to release families after equipping them with ankle monitors. That cost around $10 a day. Detention costs $100 a day. And it goes way beyond that. Ron Blitzer, writing for News Views News Views, a column of local opinion, appears each Saturday in the TIMES-UNION . See VIEWS- Page 2A Both Sides Behaving Badly BY GARY GERARD TIMES-UNION General Manager ggerard@timesuniononline.com See FAIR- Page 2A See KIDS- Page 2A $1.50 STAFF REPORT 'Wednesdays At The Park' Brings Games, Food, Fun 12 Candidates Compete For 4-H Fair Royalty Police Beat - By David Slone, TIMES-UNION Staff Writer Charges filed in fight between couple in front of neighbors, officer A Warsaw couple were arrested for domestic battery after fighting with each other in front of neighbors and a Warsaw Police Department offi cer. Melissa Ann Key, 35, of 2624 Wayside Court, Warsaw, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 10:05 p.m. June 9 for domestic battery. Her preliminary bond was set at $1,000. Jason Anthony Schaefer, 40, same address, was booked into KCJ at 10:14 p.m. June 9, also for domestic battery. His bond also was set for $1,000. Court records filed June 14 state that at 9:29 p.m. June 9, Kosciusko County Central Dispatch advised an officer that a neighbor to Key and Schaefer had reported a man and woman were outside shoving each other and yelling. When the officer arrived he saw the couple facing each other shouting. Key shoved Schaefer in his chin area in an angry manner. Schaefer, in return, shoved Key's face with his hand away from her. The officer ordered the couple to stop and separate from one another. The officer detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Schaefer. The officer asked Key to move further away from Schaefer and she said nothing happened, they were just having an argument. Schaefer agreed Delphi man made death threat to woman's boyfriend, officials say A Delphi man was arrested recently for threat ening to kill a Warsaw woman's new boyfriend. Chad M. Turner, 32, Delphi, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 1:13 p.m. June 15 for intimidation, a level 6 felony. His preliminary bond was set at $5,250. According to court documents filed Friday, Warsaw Police Department officer Justin Curtis responded to a complaint of threats June 15. When Curtis arrived at the scene, the victim told him she had been receiving threatening text mes sages from Turner. She said Turner told her he was going to be in Warsaw on June 15 and he was going to shoot her new boyfriend in the face. Curtis found Turner in the Kosciusko County Justice building. Turner signed a consent form that allowed officers to take possession of his cellphone and look for threatening messages. WPD detective R.J. Nethaway and Curtis advised Turner of his Miranda rights and he signed a consent form to waive his rights. Turner also agreed to talk to the officers. Turner told them he knew he placed the vic tim in fear by sending her a message saying he was going to kill her new boyfriend with a gun. He also said he understood what he did was against the law. Found on Turner's phone was a text message See THREAT- Page 2A See FIGHT- Page 2A

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